Day 1

27 Oct, 2014

And it’s a start. This time I’ve decided to take pictures so I can see the progress other than on the scale.

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Enough is Enough

24 Oct, 2014

I know I’ve said that a dozen times, and tried to lose weight another dozen, but looking back on older posts, I realize that I slowly but steadily gain weight every year. I don’t want to hit 30 and be one of these fatties that you see at Walt-Mart.

In 2011 I was around 160lbs, then in 212 I dropped to 155lbs. I started a stressful job and that year gained a lot, and jumped to 165lbs. In 2013, I reached an all-time high of 178lbs and that’s when I decided to eat better and exercise. I was able to drop to 163lbs.

In 2014, I got a gym membership and a personal trainer. I started at 173lbs and gave up after 6 weeks because didn’t see a change! I then did my own in-house diet, which let me to drop a few more pounds and stabilize at 167 pounds. Then another stressful event hit me and i started binging and eating all i could find in the house. I reached 180lbs. That’s the most I’ve ever weighted in my whole life. The only good thing is that my problem area (my belly) is still the same size as when I was weighting 10 lbs less.

So I’ve decided to reduce my calorie intake to 1400/day and exercise 3 times week + cardio 2-3 times/week.

I now know that these things that time and I will try to be more patient and let things work out. I would like to go back to around 167 lbs by Christmas (which is my July 2014 weight), and then continue shedding up until I am happy with my looks.

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27 Jul, 2014

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch–277 calories

Tuna–70 calories

Pretzel–7 pieces x11 calories per piece=77 calories

Small piece of bread–130 calories

Snack:Special K–100 calories

Dinner: Family binge

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July 23rd, 2014

23 Jul, 2014

Breakfast: Homemade juice (2 oranges and 1/2 of pineapple)

Lunch + Snack: Sushi

Dinner + Snack: Juice



I’ve decided to start a bit of juicing, and replace 1 to 2 meals a day with juices. I also ordered the T25 set from Amazon, it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow so fingers crossed that I will be able to start on that too. more details to come…

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Time for a Change

22 Jul, 2014

Ever since I cam back from vacation, I let myself go a little bit and gained some weight…i went from 167lbs on June 25th to about 173lbs today. I ate out a lot due to July being a birthday month, and also because it’s way too hot to cook.

I’ve decided it’s time to change for real because this might easily get out-of-hand.

I did not gain any inch on my belly, which is really surprising. I was at 38″ (94-95cm) and I’m still at around that . Last year when I was weighting this same weight of 173lbs my waist was 41″/101cm.

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