Bad day

17 Feb, 2014

Today is a uber bad day..I just got checked at the gym again, and I gained weight! I am so distressed….It’s not even water weight..:( So I am at 173.5lbs now (up from 172.4lbs on Feberuary 3rd on this same scale)

The only plus is that i went from a dry lean mass of 28.6lbs to 29.1lbs..So I guess I gained half a pound of muscle.

It is true that I haven’t given it my all this past week. I think the first time I went back to the gym, I was only able to do 20 minutes, out of 60 minutes of cardio.

It was also Valentines’Day and we went to a fancy restaurant with an 8courses menu. I also had some sushi,and some Five Guys burger during that week.

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