Dream or Nightmare?

24 Feb, 2014

Alright, so I just had my weekly measurements taken at the gym today, and I am not sure if I should be happy or freaking out:S

Let me explained: I gained 3 lbs on the gym scale (from one week ago). I gained about 1.5lbs of muscle, and 4 lbs of water. The fat mass went down by 4lbs.

My belly measurements, ass and arm are still the same same same. I don’t feel looser in my clothes at all. In fact in some clothes I feel tighter. I’M FREAKIN FREAKIN FREAKING out!:(

I’ve been told that Independence measurements are never the same even if you take them 1 minute later. So I asked my trainer to take them a second time. My total weight dropped to 174.5lbs. but fat increased to 68.5lbs.  Supposedly the first measurements were right because once electricity pass through your body you can’t take it again the same day. I guess we will see next Monday wtf is going on!

Weight:Clothed 176.4lbs (gym scale—up from 173.5lbs )
Body Fat Mass: 62.4lbs (down from 66.1lbs)
Dry Lean Mass:30.4lbs (up from 29.1lbs)
Intracellular water 52.5 lbs (up from 48.7lbs)
% Body fat:dropped by 3 %

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