Transform 2014

The time has come to really put an effort into this weight loss and achieve it, ALREADY! I know I’ve been procrastinating for a while now, and really the time is NOW!

I just got myself a nutritionist and a personal trainer, in an intensive 90 programs. I wish to lose around 30 lbs, but they realistically gave me an estimate of about 15lbs in 3 months time. So I will use the more conservative goal, in the hopes that I will lose more.
Weight:Clothed 172.4lbs (78kg)//Naked 171,6lbs (77.8kg)
Height: 5′8
Body Fat Mass: 66.4lbs
Dry Lean Mass:28.6lbs
% Body fat:38.4%

Base Metabolic Rate:1410 Kcal

Arm: 12″/31cm
Under breasts: 34.5″/87cm
Above breasts: 36″/90cm
Around ass: 42″//107cm
Up leg: 22″//56cm
Middle: 14″//35.5cm

Pant size: 29-30

SHORT TERM (1-3 month)
Weight:155 pounds (70kg)

LONG TERM 3-6 months)
Weight:140 pounds (63.5kg)