I’ve started this resolution on different occasions and was never really able to keep it up due in part to crazy school projects and studying, as well as too many social activities that kept me far from my ultimate goal. Now that school is over, and summer is slowly approaching I would like to be in good shape and take advantage of all that the “showing-off season” has to offer. I am a fashion addict and it can sometimes be hard to pull off some nice pieces when your body is not ideal. Other incentives to lose those extra pounds include best esteem of myself, it is a good stress relief, it will increases my energy, and my friends will be proud of me.


When I eat too much, I mainly gain belly weight. So basically I look more or less normal everywhere, and slightly pregnant in that area. So my main goal is not only to lose 20 pounds (10kg), but also to get rid of that fat belly!

I am 5″8 (more or less 1m72) and my ideal weight would be 130lbs (60kg). But because I would like to get rid of 20 pounds fast, my short-term goal is going to be to reach 140lbs (65kg). In the medium term I would like to reach my ideal weight, and finally in the long term maintain my ideal weight.


Lost that fat and gain it all back!


This website will be about me and how I will reach my target weight of 140lbs. I will try to update it as much as I can with what I eat, as well as what activities I do. I’ve been putting my diet project on the side for a long time because I lost hope of being able to lose 20lbs in a short period of time, while still having fun. Also, I used to feel a bit lost about what to eat and what not, especially that I am on the run most of the time so it makes it harder to achieve. Therefore, BestDailyDiet will not only help me put my goals and achievements into perspective but it will also (I hope!) help others that were a bit like me: lost and reticent to start a diet.

Expect updates every other day, but I will try to post as much as possible my menus, and activities that I do. Also I will keep a journal with numbers and weight lost!:)