Gym 20.02

20 Feb, 2014

Yesterday I skipped the gym, and went today for my weight program. I started with a 10 minutes of cardio (6 fast walk, 2 jog, 2 fast walk). I then did my whole program without a glitch. I am pretty happy about it. My muscles are in pain, but I don’t feel that tired, so hopefully I am goign to see some results some. I am very very very down about this whole process. I thought the weight was going to come off much faster.

Ever since my roundup on Monday with my gym instructor, I have decided to make this week clean and without too much abuse. Up to now I have stuck to it, and I will also give my everything at the gym. Based on the results next Monday, I will decide if I stick to this or not.

WEIGHT THIS MORNING: 172.2LBS (home scale)

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Gym 18.02

18 Feb, 2014

Today for the first time since I started I went at it like crazy.

I did a whole hour of cardio:

20 minutes elliptical—250 calories

10 minutes jogging at 5.5 speed//inclination 1– 100 calories

30 minutes of fast walking at 3.5 speed//inclination 3.5–125 calories

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Bad day

17 Feb, 2014

Today is a uber bad day..I just got checked at the gym again, and I gained weight! I am so distressed….It’s not even water weight..:( So I am at 173.5lbs now (up from 172.4lbs on Feberuary 3rd on this same scale)

The only plus is that i went from a dry lean mass of 28.6lbs to 29.1lbs..So I guess I gained half a pound of muscle.

It is true that I haven’t given it my all this past week. I think the first time I went back to the gym, I was only able to do 20 minutes, out of 60 minutes of cardio.

It was also Valentines’Day and we went to a fancy restaurant with an 8courses menu. I also had some sushi,and some Five Guys burger during that week.

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Round up- 10 days later

15 Feb, 2014

So i started my Transform program 10 days ago, and I must say that it wasn’t at all easy. I am a person that likes to indulge and usually never exercise. So getting back in shape was pretty hardcore in the first few days.

Out of the 10 days, I was at the gym 8 of them. The first 3 times, I didn’t give my everything, so perhaps i shouldn’t count it. But the rest I “gymmed” about 350-450 calories each time.

On the scale this morning: 171.8lbs (Which means that since I started my program I’ve only lost about 2 lbs) 🙁

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Before + After

5 Feb, 2014

What my hopes are after my TRANSFORM 2014 PROGRAM:

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